Accelerate R&D and testing of new and optimized catalysts

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Renewable feedstocks are bound to gradually replace sources of fossil origin (oil, gas and coal), both as fuel and as raw materials for the chemical industry. Their utilization for chemical synthesis is one of the most important challenges that chemists face today.  

The use of renewable feedstocks to reduce carbon footprint is the major goal. New processes are needed to convert these feedstocks and recycled materials into high-value products.   

We help you with: 

  • Accelerate R&D and testing of new and optimized catalysts 
  • Processing and testing of various feedstocks gained from renewable & recyclable materials both in batch & flow systems 
  • Development of offline & online analytical methods 

What we offer : 


Accelerate your R&D screening and optimization experiments with this parallel high-pressure reactor system

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Flowrence Products

High Throughput Systems to Accelerate Your Catalyst R&D.

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Custom-made Units

Empower your R&D to make your existing products and process technologies more circular and sustainable.

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Catalyst R&D

Accelerate Your Catalyst R&D With the World’s Most Advanced High Throughput Technology.

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