Tomorrow’s Chemistry Together

Who we are

With over 20 years of experience, Avantium R&D Solutions proudly stand as the leading provider of advanced catalyst testing units and services. We leverage our extensive chemical and scientific expertise, merged with our process development and engineering skills to contribute to the emerging and fast-growing field of sustainable chemistry.

We take pride in being part of Avantium, alongside its Renewable Polymers and Renewable Chemistries business units.

At Avantium R&D Solutions, we value collaboration. Working closely with you to address your unique R&D needs, develop innovative solutions and support you on your sustainable transition. Whether it is by matching our existing products – such as our proven Flowrence® and Batchington technologies – to your challenges, or creating novel custom-made solutions; our products and services are designed to accelerate your research and bring your innovations to market faster.

We are on a mission that transcends our laboratories. Combining our enabling technologies with your real-world applications. Listening closely, understanding the specifics of your needs, to co-create custom-made solutions. To empower you to achieve your sustainability goals, propelling us towards a future that is smarter, greener and more responsible.

What we do

Our world needs more sustainable and responsible chemistry. We are dedicated to helping shape a more sustainable future through our experience and expertise in R&D. To answer the great challenges of our time, we need custom-made and streamlined R&D processes, meticulously set up for success. We provide real solutions that truly make a difference.

We know exactly how to accelerate R&D processes, resulting in shorter time-to-market. Fast and efficient success due to our longstanding experience in advanced catalyst testing systems, such as our proven Flowrence® and Batchington technologies.

We know how to conduct R&D and have a profound understanding of operating R&D units. With a wide range of R&D testing capabilities, we can give you the support and guidance you need to find optimal R&D solutions.

We have many years of experience in offering unrivaled expertise in designing, engineering and building custom-made units to meet your specific needs.

So, let’s map out the uncharted territories of chemistry together, and enable our industry to create the change our world needs.


Shaping our world… defining Tomorrow’s Chemistry Together.