Adsorption Testing

Revolutionary adsorbent screening services with multi-column solutions based on years of experience in high throughput testing
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Accelerate your adsorbent discovery

High-throughput dynamic flowthrough testing is a powerful tool for developing, evaluating or screening adsorbents to capture adsorbates from various sources.

The evaluation and screening may involve selectivity and capacity studies as well as determining breakthrough curves. These breakthrough curves contain kinetic information determined under ideal hydrodynamic conditions.

With new developed adsorbents, often only available in small quantities, relevant desorption and regeneration test data can be obtained with the same ease as “just” simple breakthrough experiments.

Fast and accurate adsorbent high-throughput testing services

The systems are running fully automated using the flexible Flowrence software, allowing cyclic operation and fast data acquisition.

Avantium’s Flowrence Technology® enables the capability of running up to 64 experiments simultaneously using its patented micro fluid chip to achieve a high accuracy fluid distribution to the flow through reactor.

The microfluidic distribution chip technology offers the highest accuracy in flow distribution with a standard deviation of 0.5% or better between columns. The use of temperature controlled column cabinets assure accurate temperature control during the experiments.

Multiple feeds can be introduced and mixed in situ or by using a premixed fluid. The fluid flow delivery is continuous and free of pulses with minimum dead volumes.


When mimicking actual process conditions humidification of the feed gas is often required. The relative humidity can be set and controlled between 0 and 95% RH at a range of temperatures.

Adsorbent samples can be dried or pretreated in situ.   

Repeated cyclic operation capability allows adsorption and desorption studies to determine working capacities and ageing of adsorbents under chosen process conditions.

The use of the microfluidic distribution chip technology also enables testing powders next to pellets in a flowthrough setup.

The system set-up can be equipped with dedicated sensors and integrated online analytics with automated data acquisition.



Respiratory Protection and Air Purification Gas Phase Liquid Phase
Application Purification Purification and Separation Purification and Separation
Pressure range Atmospheric <1 – 50 bar 1- 80 bar
Temperature range 10 – 65 °C 10 – 250 °C 25 -200 °C
Relative humidity 0 – 95% at 10-65°C 0 – 95% at 30°C n.a.
In situ drying / regeneration Yes Yes Yes
Inlet Concentration range 5 ppm – 5000 ppm 0 – 100% ppm – 100%
Space velocity (HSV) 500 – 20000 hr-1 120 – 20000 hr-1 0.3  – 10 hr-1
Adsorption – Desorption Single & Multi cycle Single & Multi cycle Single & Multi cycle
Desorption Thermal, Vacuum, Steam Thermal, Vacuum, Steam Purge fluid
Column bed height up to 20 cm  up to 20 cm  up to 50 cm
Analytics (example given) MS, FTIR, sensor MS, FTIR, sensor Conductivity, GC, HPLC
  • Carbon Capture
  • VOC Removal
  • Hydrogen Purification
  • Syngas Purification and Separation
  • Purification of Pyrolysis Oil
  • PFAS Removal
  • MEG separation
  • Olefins and Aromatic Isomer Separation


  • Knowledge base
  • Expertise on catalyst and process design
  • Consulting on catalysts & chemistries


  • Scalable catalyst preparation techniques
  • Extensive library of commercially available supports and catalysts
  • Advanced analytical method development


  • Batch/Flow
  • Catalyst screening
  • Deactivation studies
  • Process optimization
  • Reaction kinetics studies


  • Pre-defined formats

  • Regular data reporting

  • Daily testing steering



  • Experts support for data interpretation
  • IP remains with client
  • Project-specific data access rights