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Unique capabilities to accelerate your R&D needs in sustainable chemistry
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To make the chemical industry cleaner and more sustainable, innovative R&D systems and solutions are required. With its unique capabilities in both sustainable chemistry, R&D and engineering, Avantium R&D Solutions is perfectly positioned to meet this demand for R&D into sustainable chemistry.

Immense in-house knowledge and experience

Avantium has more than 20 years in experience in R&D solutions with our innovative technologies and R&D Services. We will apply our extensive chemical and scientific knowledge in combination with process development and engineering skills to the emerging and rapidly growing field of sustainable chemistry.

Unrivaled experience in custom-made solutions from concept to building and testing

Avantium R&D Solutions helps its customers drive sustainable innovation within the chemical industry.

Your objectives are the focal point of every project. Our experts will translate them into a conceptual design. If needed, we have the knowledge to build a proof-of-principle unit to validate your objectives.

Our engineering department will then convert the concept into a detailed plan that forms the basis for the manufacturing and assembly team to build the custom-made unit. The unit will be mechanically validated, and if desired, we have the option to perform a chemical validation.

Focusing on four emerging markets

Our multi column custom-made units are tailored for adsorbent users and developers.


Upgrade pyrolysis oil from recycled plastics or biomass.


Empower your R&D to make your existing products and process technologies more circular and sustainable.


Accelerate your research in electrochemistry with custom-made R&D units.

Collaborative and passionate approach

Communication, teamwork, and co-creation are key elements for creating successful R&D solutions and form the basis of Avantium’s way of work. Driven by a passion for creating a cleaner chemical sector, Avantium R&D Solutions is always open to solving any problem, no matter how big or small the ask.

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