FlowPro Software

Full control at your fingertips, seamlessly integrates in all IT infrastructure and catalyst R&D workflows. 24/7 operation
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FlowPro enabled workflows

  • Flowrence® Control
  • Flowrence® Data Manager
  • Flowrence® Online and Offline Analytics
  • Integration with other software platforms e.g., i-historian etc.
  • Recipe control software
  • Automated liquid sampling using barcode labeling
  • Tracking catalyst samples and liquid feed properties
  • Integration of analytical data & feedback control
  • Calculation of key performance data like conversion and selectivity

Automated control

The control software serves as an interface to the various control devices in the Flowrence® system with integrated Operator Screen providing a simplified schematic of the Flowrence® where the set points can be directly changed.

The software allows fully unattended 24/7 operation. The PC will not directly control the process conditions, but will only update the set points as required to run the experimental recipe that has been selected. This ensures a reliable and highly accurate control of process parameters. All actual measured values and set points will be stored in a SQL database every second. These stored values can be used to monitor trends within process values. The Flowrence® Control Software provides the possibilities to view these trends in built-in trend plots. The software also provides the possibility to define alarms that can be set for all relevant process values.

Automated operation with run recipes

The experiments can be executed according to a predefined recipe. A recipe is a compilation of steps where each step contains set points, ramp rates (if applicable) and outlet (waste/sampling). The user can describe in each step which reactor will be sampled, in which order and specify waiting times between GC analyses (if applicable). In a recipe, the user can enter an unlimited number of steps with various process conditions. This unique feature allows unattended operation of the unit during a run or an activation procedure.

Automated data import

Results from the online GC are automatically imported into the Flowrence® database and will be available on a real-time basis. When a chromatogram is reprocessed, the new results will be automatically updated into the database. 

The control software will be directly connected to a Microsoft SQL server database on the Control PC where all relevant information of the experiment is automatically stored. This information is stored at a very high detail level (1 sample per second) to allow very accurate trending. This enables the operator of the unit to follow the experiment and to determine whether any adjustments need to be made to the process parameters.