Who we are 

Avantium R&D Solutions is the leading provider of advanced catalyst testing units and services with more than 20 years of experience. We apply our extensive chemical and scientific knowledge in combination with process development and engineering skills to the emerging and rapidly growing field of sustainable chemistry. 

Avantium R&D Solutions closely partners with you to uncover and develop ways to answer your exclusive chemical R&D needs.  

We are a business unit of Avantium, Amsterdam based, Euronext listed, leading renewable chemical technology company. We have over 60 highly skilled and experienced professionals, representing over 20 nationalities, dedicated to providing you with successful R&D solutions, no matter how complex your chemistry or R&D challenge may be. 

What we do

Our world needs more sustainable and responsible chemistry. We are dedicated to helping shape a more sustainable future through our experience and expertise in R&D. To answer the great challenges of our time, we need custom-made and streamlined R&D processes, meticulously set up for success. We provide real solutions that truly make a difference.   

We take pride in being one of the business units of Avantium, alongside its renewable polymers and chemistries. As Avantium RDS, we offer fast and efficient solutions. Our custom-made units which are designed and developed to meet your specific needs and our longstanding experience in advanced catalyst testing technology units (Flowrence®, Batchington) allow us to accelerate your R&D progress. In addition to designing and building, we have a profound understanding of operating R&D units. With a wide range of R&D testing expertise, we can give you the support and guidance you need to find optimal R&D solutions.  

So, let’s map out the uncharted territories of chemistry together, and enable our industry to create the change our world needs today.