OMV selects Avantium to perform independent catalyst testing

Oct 18, 2021

Avantium Catalysis performed an independent catalyst evaluation of Naphtha Reforming catalysts to support the catalyst selection for OMV Schwechat Refinery CCR unit.

Schwechat Refinery is one of the largest and most modern inland refineries in Europe processing 9.6 million tons of crude oil annually in the high-tech plants in Schwechat.

Avantium Flowrence® 16-parallel reactors system has an unmatched discrimination precision providing extremely precise and repeatable C5+ yields, total aromatics and hydrogen-produced data as well as stability trends of the catalysts at constant RON output with a complete PIONA breakdown with time on stream.

Schwechat Refinery will use the test results to compare the several catalysts options with their incumbent and more confidently select the best catalyst for their operating conditions and type of feed processed. As is common practice with all our testing, the complete test results are independently verified and accepted by the participating catalyst vendors.

“We very are pleased to have been selected by Schwechat Refinery,” commented Tiago Vilela, Director Refinery Catalyst Testing. “Our extensive experience in testing naphtha reforming catalysts together with the confidence from all catalyst vendors, allows us to better serving our clients to enable fact-based decisions and ultimately increase their competitiveness and profitability.”

About Refinery Catalyst Testing

Select the best catalyst with confidence

Choosing the best catalyst is of crucial importance to the profitability of refineries, as it represents a great opportunity to increase refining margins. We are committed to provide our customers meaningful results. Find out the best solution for any refinery application (hydrotreating for ULSD or VGO, hydrocrackingreformingisomerization, dewaxing, and FCC pretreat) or choose tailored offerings for vendor comparisons, feedstock and process studies as well as spot sample tests. Micro-pilot plant 16-parallel reactors technology validated by all major catalyst suppliers.



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