Flowrence for CO2 conversion, methanol and ammonia was installed at Kiel University

Aug 24, 2023

Some chemical conversion reactions are considered enabling for the energy transition and for the implementation of renewable feedstock for industry. Society depends on our successes. 


“After moving the work group Behrens from Duisburg-Essen to Kiel, we are now welcoming Avantium’s high-throughput reaction screening platform. We will use the Flowrence ® XD to test our synthesized catalysts for the direct conversion of CO/CO2 to form basic chemicals, for methanol reforming, and for studying ammonia synthesis, all reactions which are crucial to the energy and feedstock transitions.”
Dr. Sharif Najafi

Catalysis Lab Manager, Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel

Avantium R&D Solutions built a gas phase Flowrence® XD for the research group in Inorganic Chemistry at the Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel in Germany. The system is equipped with 4 parallel reactors and has integrated analytics to accelerate reaction and catalyst screening for several crucial gas phase reactions, including the conversion of CO2, methanol reforming and the synthesis of ammonia. 
“It is always a pleasure to work out how to best configure a Flowrence so it excels for the different applications our clients will run on the research platform. Enabling them to improve and speed up their research this much, however, is rewarding!”
Graham Ormsby

Project Leader , Avantium

“We notice that customers appreciate the Flowrence® XD with its tiny footprint in the lab and its flexibility to host multiple distinctly different chemical reactions in one system. Therefore, it is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to exploring the small molecule activations indispensable to the energy transition.” 
Maurice Mourad

Business Development Director, Avantium

The system was safely packed by Avantium’s Field Service Engineer Bas de Maat and is currently being installed at Kiel University. 



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