Hydrogen storage in the form of Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC) is seen as a key enabler for storing and transporting green hydrogen. LOHC are organic compounds that act as a rechargeable hydrogen battery: they undergo a reversible chemical conversion to take up hydrogen in liquid form and can release hydrogen when required 

Avantium’s Flowrence® XR is a powerful and versatile research tool. One of its applications is in studying the conversion reactions for the storage and release of hydrogen via LOHCs. This Flowrence XR has a 16-reactor setup which easily handles, for example, the ‘classic’ LOHC route Toluene-to-methylcyclohexane and its reverse reaction. Flowrence has integrated analytics (GC) and software. This system will be helpful in accelerating the LOHC progress of our customers. 

Without any modifications, this very same Flowrence can handle other green chemistry reactions, for example the conversion of CO2 to methanol! 

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