Fast adsorbent screening services and process optimization

Meet our revolutionary multi-column solutions. Tailored for adsorbent users and developers. Ready for fast and accurate testing of your adsorbent performance.

  • Fast adsorbent screening and reduced time to market through parallelization
  • Fast selection of optimized process conditions by offering a wide window of test conditions and operational parameters
  • Unrivaled reliable results by testing multiple samples simultaneously under identical test conditions
  • Reduced experimental with our small scale testing technology
  • Ideal hydrodynamics by narrow reactors and single string loading
  • Select the best adsorbent for your desired separation by adsorbent preparation, testing and matching

Fast adsorbent screening

Conventional adsorbent development and selection are typically done in bench scale single column packed beds and pilot plants. This makes evaluation material and labour intensive. At Avantium, we perform high throughput testing of multiple adsorbent samples in a dynamic flow process, while working under identical conditions. Expected evaluation time is shortened up to a factor 4.

Lower experimental costs

Low volumes: Interchangeable columns with a small bed volume increase safety and reduce cost per sample.

We use small sample volumes (0.5 – 2.0 ml) to keep your adsorbent development batches small. The development of specific groups of advanced adsorbents e.g. MOF’s come at high cost. By performing small scale parallel testing and using less fluid or gas, we help you saving costs and speed up the development process . Moreover, when we test toxic materials, this approach increases safety.

Flexibility in test conditions

Wide operational parameters allow for unrivalled experimental flexibility


  • We perform gas and liquid flow through testing in dedicated fixed bed column systems. Cyclic adsorption / desorption testing
  • This gives us the ability to purify or separate different fluids at a wide temperature and pressure range. The temperature ranges from (below) ambient up to several hundreds of °C can be applied depending the chosen fluid. The pressure ranges from atmospheric up to 80 bar. We also have a dedicated system for adsorption studies under ambient conditions in the presence of water 10 – 90% RH.
  • During a test run, we operate all columns under similar conditions.
  • Your results are always based on accurate analytics benefitting from our high throughput experience and secured by automated data collection.