Batchington – Discover the isolated truth

What if we told you that there is an easy to use parallel high-pressure reactor system that will accelerate your R&D screening and optimization experiments? Avantium’s Bachington!

After many years of in-house use, this proprietary and proven technology is also available to you for testing renewables, petro- and fine chemicals.

The Bachington consists of two reactors blocks, each containing 12 small-scale pressure vessels. Each reactor block can be easily loaded with chemicals and pressurized. Individual reactor headspace prevents cross-contamination between reactors.


Temperature and magnetic stirring can be set per reactors block.  Easy monitoring is possible by touch screen. Simple reactor block exchange allows starting and stopping 12 experiments at the same time.

Experience high operational flexibility, delivering reliable and reproducible results – fast, easy and safe to use. Avantium’s Bachington – discover the isolated truth!

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and publications

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High Operational Flexibility

Reliable & Reproducible Results

Fast, Easy & Safe to Use

  • Broad operating window
  • Independent parameter setting per reactor module
  • Screens conditions, solvents & catalysts in the same campaign
  • Individual reactor headspace prevents cross-contamination
  • Individual reactor stirring for excellent catalyst-substrate mixing
  • Simple reactor module exchange to start & stop 12 experiments at the same time
  • No reactor cleaning, thanks to Teflon inserts
  • Small footprint allows use in a fume hood or glovebox
  • Integrated safety features and CE certified