Avantium has been awarded a tender to supply two Flowrence® XD systems to SINOPEC RIPP

Feb 15, 2024

Avantium R&D Solutions has been awarded a tender to supply two 4-channel high-throughput Flowrence® XD systems to the Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Process (RIPP) in P.R. China, an affiliate of Sinopec, the largest producer and supplier of petroleum products in P.R. China.  

These two units will be utilized for hydrogenation reactions and hydrotreating processes. Avantium R&D Solutions will commission and install the units at the research center in Beijing. The introduction of Flowrence® XD technology to the Chinese market for the first time represents a significant achievement. This achievement underscores the powerful impact of Avantium’s Flowrence high-throughput systems in research and development. 

Avantium’s Flowrence® XD is the most flexible and easy to use system, with a broad number of proven applications. This system was designed for early-stage catalyst R&D. The broad operating window enables a wide range of experiments for multiple applications under industrially relevant conditions.  


 If you want to know more about our Flowrence® Technology, please contact us.  

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